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The 'F-Word'​

Published on 27th February 2017


Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

Joseph S R de Saram CISSP provides thought-provoking insights into Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement, how they operate beyond (as opposed to above) the law, and how their various antics foreseeably lead to the destruction of Fundamental Human Rights. Updates are in progress so check back regularly – verified articles end with . Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE

This article is primarily about Fiduciaries and Defense Contracting and their relation to [Irrevocable] Trusts, although Fraud, Fools and Finance are also addressed. I am still writing it…

Defense Contracting [‘IT/Management Consulting’ as we put on non-tax invoices]

'IT/Management Consulting'

This post is about an excellent article At Booz Allen, a Vast U.S. Spy Operation, Run for Private Profit written by Matthew Rosenberg which appeared...

Island in the Sun

The following articles may enlighten various ignorant parties as to why there is a link between my Aerospace & Defense type work, to Banking and Securities and Income – particularly mine when it was running into tens of millions per dollars per annum.

Interesting that I was physically in the Bahamas in December 2009 to February 2010, as well as in 2011:-

for classified training, around the date of this article:-

Defense contractors go offshore to skip taxes, GAO says

U.S. defense contractors’ growing use of offshore subsidiaries from 2003 to 2008 allowed the Defense Department to save money on contracts but also resulted in the loss of U.S. tax revenue and unemployment benefits for some ...

Spying for Dollars: Military Contractors and Security Firms Reap Huge Profits

The Obama administration is seeking to increase the obscenely bloated U.S. Defense Department budget to a whopping $708 billion for fiscal year 2011, 3.4% above 2010’s record level, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Panama Papers / Other Leaks

A few months ago I was speaking to Tania de Saram about the fact that searching for me on the Panama Papers database

comes up with no results

I was however astonished that three structures from 2009 that the guys and I used for defense work, were listed:-

and there was actually USD 8.8 billion in the Foundation at one point. Impressed?

However I had already disclosed these entities to my own private bankers and attorneys:-

and USD 8.8 billion was referred to on my resume.

The structures that I have been involved with historically were robust enough to withstand a worldwide Mareva Injunction. In fact they are constantly evolving and it is impossible to ascertain the current position by even the parties who are associated! I would need to see ‘a man about a dog’ in Hong Kong SAR to find out the current position.

I did in fact say this to Ray Callingham on 28/29 November 2015 (which is on the police/hmrc recording) and his glib response was for the guy to come to Sri Lanka – how dense!

People continue to have to make my matters less complex for them to be able to process and/or comprehend but in doing so they are leaving out the detail. Bill Orow is another one who struggled to process my complex items in realtime.

Offshore company directors' links to military and intelligence revealed

Companies making use of offshore secrecy include firm that supplied surveillance software used by repressive regimes A number of nominee directors of companies registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) have connections to military or intelligence activities, an investigation has revealed...

Katarina Klaric of Stephens asking me about ‘I am Pilgrim’ and then ‘Offshore Structures’

I thought Katarina meant ‘I am Legend’ with Will Smith not ‘I am Pilgrim’ the former I knew, but the latter know nothing about, but the point is what is a lawyer asking me these types of questions? I already have proof that privilege had been waived by her under the Crime Fraud Exception, so the lawyer asking me questions is an easy way for law enforcement to ‘interview me without caution’.

The words ‘I have to go’ delimit segments of the conversation – classic law enforcement. I am effectively been framed for ‘tax evasion’ which is another joke. Katarina says ‘I have to go’ but carries on talking and there is no rush for actually going. It makes a change from <cough> money laundering <cough>, <phone ringing> cryptography <phone ringing> etc!

I even mentioned the CFE because I had sussed her out! CFE is one thing but other parties asking her to ask me questions means that I am not her instructor. A conflict of interest has arisen yet she is still doing my work to my detriment, and of course dragging her feet and making countless empty promises along with all my lawyers since the December 2015 Fraud 🙂

The situation became progressively worse over the subsequent months until I decided to terminate all their engagements.

Clearly there is an issue about Intelligence and Tax Structures and Terrorism, and these types of conversations are used albeit pathetically, to ascertain my knowledge – which is a really dim, time-wasting exercise, since my knowledge is derived from experience and not YouTube videos. This is a ridiculous way of manufacturing probable cause and why on earth should I be paying their bills when all they are doing is wasting my time at my rates?

20160329 Katarina Klaric Discussing CIA

the situation is laughable:-

20160329 Joseph De Saram Discussing Money In Bank With Katarina Klaric

the conversation is contrived:-

20160404 Katarina Klaric Discussing Offshore Leaks

Personal Income Tax Returns and Changes after QNAP

[insert tax returns]

Contrary to the belief of Fools my Income Tax Returns are not fake – they correctly reflect the earned income, arising from Special Projects in particular. Money does not need to go into a bank account in my name, and in fact when I was earning I had to cover losses caused by the 30 September 2009 QNAP Data Loss. Clifford Chance in Hong Kong and Clayton Utz in Melbourne were advising on this – both are excellent law firms.

By way of information other advice provided by HK Clifford Chance was in relation to a Class ‘A’ Banking Licence in various jurisdictions (such as Macao and Seychelles) as well as protocols for due dilligence ahead of me buying an actual distressed bank. This was around July 2012 and Karen Wong and Rocky Mui reviewed our NDAs and IP terms. Put it this way, I needed to get a proper opinion and I did not pay Clifford Chance using magic beans and I did not organise finance to buy the bank using magic beans 🙂

As it happened I did not go through with the bank purchase in the end, as I dislocated my shoulder by typing on skype!!

However if I was earning to pay off a debt then I work ridiculously hard and have nothing to show for it – this is the concept of the ‘Garnishee Order’ that I was referring to in a previous post. The loss was around USD 28 million and the insurance claim could not be progressed last year because ar**holes went and frightened my lawyers in AU and SG – this is one of the Tortious Interference issues I have been talking about – I am about to sue the lawyers and use Norwich Pharmacals against everyone 🙂

If I were simply creating tax returns to facilitate an ability to borrow (which is vigorously denied) then I would not need to work 18hrs per day and would not need to put further money into various entities to avoid triggering insolvency clauses. Thankfully those do not matter any more because parties have sufficient surety already 🙂

This is clearly the issue as Ray was reviewing mortgage statements and property assets. If parties wish to act in the capacity of law enforcement and do not identify themselves as such, then do not expect entirely answers from me! Furthermore I really dislike fraudulent misrepresentation when I am really desperate and heavily dependent on the parties concerned during serious heart issues…

Loss of Control

Thanks to the fraudulently-obtained Security of Costs against me in Australia in February 2014, by David Brown and the other Melbourne Fraudsters, the effect was that my previous [partial] control of trust structures was removed against my wishes.

Despite AUD 6.68 million in fixed residential property assets a security for costs of AUD 40,000 when there was AUD 2.0 million equity, was granted against me (letters in below article) – these Australian Judges are so easily motivated by quarrelling slang matches and just repeat concepts which are plausible, not those that are factual.

The whole point of their Security for Costs fraud was to create the ‘perception of insolvency’ which has been their tool to go an manipulate others by questioning the veracity of my/Rhodium’s operations. Then they used the SoC as a ‘marketing tool’ and can run the dim line ‘if Joe actually had assets [in Australia] then we would not have obtained the SoC’.

It is just a case of these clowns ticking the boxes, and if the box cannot be ticked they will fabricate my conversations or various evidence to allow it to be ticketed 🙂

Most people would think (the dim judge included) that I have no money and/or that I am a fraud. In this part of the world people do not understand concepts such as legal owner, beneficial owner, beneficial interest etc. People cannot understand that the SoC was obtained fraudulently and in fact the judge even wrote an insulting diatribe about me yet knows nothing about any of the complex financial structures or my work…

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

This is the Lawyer’s Construct and it is low-level and easy to detect. However to those in Australasian countries who have the ‘literal’ type of thinking style, they will look at the end result ‘judgment’ and conclude the starting point. The culture is ‘if a lot of people believe it, therefore it must be true’. Additionally people in South Asia are complaisant, an excellent word which means ‘eager to please’ 🙂

“If you go to a field of sheep they will all say ‘baa'” – JSRDS

Then at a time when I have serious heart issues and my timings are out, I am faced with continual attacks via Injurious Falsehoods and Tortious Interference. Thankfully the really hardcore assets are completely firewalled 🙂

Australia’s general knowledge of Finance and Defence is extremely poor. I will write an article about the Australian Signals Directorate and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation at some point and how dense they are in their own efforts of electronic surveillance and signals intelligence against me.

As it happened I analysed the captured traffic, along with nodes and methods, and put it on a shared database so other parties can see it and identify Australian Federal Police interest, in order to protect themselves 🙂 ha ha – two can play that game!

Safety Mechanisms

The reason for ‘loss of control’ is a safety mechanism when I am acting in a Fiduciary Role for various entities for Americans, and there are Fiduciaries and Trustees handling things for me.

When Asset Protection Mechanisms are set up, they need to be done when there are no foreseeable major issues. I have issues all the time, a little like Donald Trump in which people continually launch Argumentum ad Hominem Attacks (“AAHA”) against him so it is about establishing the baseline and then ensuring nothing out of the ordinary will foreseeably occur.

Effective Control

If a beneficiary is effectively the Controller of a Structure then a Federal Judge can easily order that they (a) disclose full information and (b) remove the existing trustees and appoint Court-mandated ones. And if I thought there was pending litigation that I was unable to handle and instructed my colleagues to make structure changes then that instruction (effectively ‘fraudulent conveyance’) can be reversed.

In my scenario there are pre-existing arrangements, some from 1993 which override virtually all entities formed after that date. They state that it is the Trustees/Protectors and/or Foundation Council that can make decisions and any information they become aware using their own means of drives such a decision.

As such it creates a mechanism that I am unable to control anything at a time when it would compromise my own position and those of my colleagues – quite clever really!

And most importantly I do not provide instructions to anyone to change structures and therefore there is nothing that can be reversed – they and I are specifically not in a Principal-Agent relationship.

Self-Owned Trusts

The following is a simplified version of that which can be done:-

Structures that I used to be involved often had strong Management by LLCs, and the jurisdictions chosen were ones that had permitted the use of Bearer Shares – ownership (and therefore control) can be changed in a heart-beat 🙂

12/17 Fraud – Mental Capacity

The ridiculous fraud run against me by my parents in December 2015 was purely to obtain access to my information – and use that to incapacitate me. Even the following audio recording from when was when I was asking why these fools had turned up, confirms that the real reason. Didn’t I have a Mental Problem 🙂

20151217 173519 Edward De Saram Unlawful Entry And Physical Assault 1 – Money

‘Money Disruption’ whatever that means was also used to facilitate the planting of evidence and rediscovery of stolen items. It is clear that this was the objective. It seemed the fraudulent incarceration in a Psychiatric Facility was actually the fraud to cover an Anton Piller-type Order and/or Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request. It was a massive Perversion of the Course of Justice in so many different ways, with so many adversaries colluding, as if I were the person in the wrong!

Even if there were something remotely legitimate then I would have been able to have independent lawyer to protect the chain of evidence, or I could have challenged the order in court. As it happened it was I that tricked Chamaree Silva with the date of the 18 December 2015 by telling her she could take ‘secret’ data home to Badulla. Her eyes had lit up thinking that she was going to get money from my adversaries – this is known as Duper’s Delight. There was no ‘secret’ data in my property as I had sanitised the location year previously! But the millions of files were of course commercial and operational data which we need. And of course evidentiary materials, which thankfully I have partly recovered after over a year of drive scans.

I was therefore ready and prepared to see what would happen on 18 December 2015, but my parents pulled their fraud! It was actually quite sick from a Western perspective but unfortunately my parents had their formative years in Sri Lanka.

However ‘Mental Capacity’ is another legitimate reason for me not to have control of millions of dollars. So thanks to the fools that have provided me with external defences, albeit inadvertently 🙂

HMRC Manchester is involved in the Fraud, along with Retards in Leeds and London 🙂

As I have mentioned before, the visit of Ray Callingham to obtain the signed HMRC form would have given access to all the structures – however when I kept the original then all these other frauds needed to be run to ‘fake’ ‘alternative probable cause’. Ray kept asking me about the names of structures too, and was looking at mortgages on properties as well as bank statements – it was so obvious what he was doing!!

What I find the most incredulous, is that Ray was coming to actually get all the accounts of all the entities done – so he would have obtained everything anyway. He agreed to come and scan all the documents and then we would all have the, However his/hmrc’s desire to ‘run the fraud’ ended up messing everything up for them as well as put me in a position for a damages claim against them and their associated parties!

It is this alternative probable cause which is particularly fraudulent, with items stolen, planted and then ‘discovered’. By way of example (which should be on audio) is a Coutts & Co statement from 2000 which I had not seen since 2000 and was astonished to find dumped in crates from 2014/2015. These are items planted to give links to the past. other items were Microsoft OneNote printouts, that were scattered all over the place but an inkjet printer had been used to print them doubles-sided. I use laser printers and print single sided as saving trees is not my thing 🙂

But given my line of work which trumps everything in any event – bring it on! And there was nothing from 2014 and my last Hong Kong SAR trip to get information from the ‘aforementioned man about his dog’ 🙂

The items had been previously stolen and/or unlawfully obtained so to ‘get them into the case’ was the fraud that was run against me – quite shocking really and it seems that the incorrect interpretation of fools is the underlying problem here 🙂

David Brown / Margaret Cunniffe Fraud

And this is the reason that everyone seems to be trying to protect them, despite them being the fraudsters – they get every party under the sun onto their bandwagon so to obfuscate their own frauds – not rocket science really is it?

The entire fraud is to brand me a fraudster and punish me for it – unfortunately for them I have recovered a massive amount of forensic evidence so let us revisit that assertion in spectacular fashion!

And in terms of money, I reckon that there is around USD 90 million plus technology assets of around USD 40 million in structures. I have a reasonable expectation of getting around 70% of that, subject to the below and other things…

I would hate people to think that my specific performance for defense work acts as floodgate for millions of dollars in my direction but having the trustees as clients was one of my most clever strategies to date – until work is finished, surety (performance bonds) remain out of my control in any event. Perhaps now my Bahamas trip in December 2009 after the Data Loss of September 2009 starts to make more sense?

Such a shame that I do not have any of the interesting data in my possession thanks to February 2014 and the fact that people stole my hardcore data – I have only recovered various legal materials to date so even my present location is sanitised 🙂

to be continued…



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